A Successful Legacy


Dear Howard:


With all of the significant events occurring at Morehouse College over the past decade, I want to record for posterity, and for our Alumni Association, the major contributions of Robert Davidson, ’67, who served, with distinction, on the Board of Trustees for more than two decades.  Bob served as chair of the board during a turbulent time, but operated honorably and with integrity at all times.

Morehouse College is also the beneficiary of the philanthropic generosity of Bob and Faye Davidson, who contributed to the development of Davidson House (the President’s Mansion) and its meeting facilities.

On May 18, 2017, several Morehouse Alumni were pleased to give honor and praise to Bob and Faye Davidson at a dinner we hosted, to take note of Bob’s contributions to Morehouse, his success in business, philanthropy, and his community leadership. We  presented an award from us, the “True Forever Award”,  as a token of our gratitude to Bob and our esteem for him.  Hosting this dinner with me were Johnny Parham, ’58 Charles Reynolds, ’58, Amos Brown, ’62 and Alvin Harris, ‘73.

We were joined at that event by Willie Woods, chair of Morehouse College’s Board of Trustees, William Taggart, Interim President of Morehouse College (whose recent – and sudden – passing we mourn),National Alumni Association President Howard Willis and others.  We had a most inspiring and uplifting experience as we all renewed our commitment to the future of Morehouse College; This means our commitment of time, our talent and our resources.  We hope that all Morehouse College alumni will make similar commitments – with enthusiasm!

As we celebrate Morehouse College’s 150th anniversary, we look forward to an even greater 150 years to come.  That will happen if we all meet our challenges and fulfill our responsibilities as alumni.

The future of Morehouse College is in our hands, we alumni who have benefited from what the College provided to us, which contributed to our success in life.  Let’s strengthen and enlarge the Morehouse Mystique – and pass it on to future generations!


Louis W. Sullivan, MD ‘54