Washington, DC

B.A., Political Science

Uniformed Division Officer, White House Branch, US Secret Service

“Duane Wilson is a Uniformed Division Officer in the White House Branch of the United States Secret Service. A 2013 Morehouse graduate, Duane has worked with the Secret Service since Sep- tember 2014. At Morehouse, Duane was a Political Science major, who spent a semester at Ameri- can University while participating in the Washington Semester Program in American Politics. Ul- timately, his goal is to expand his knowledge of the federal government and policy analysis while enlightening others.

In his work with the US Secret Service, he specializes in access control related procedures for Secret Service protected sites, travels on behalf of the secret service to coordinate, establish and execute ac- cess control for the President, Vice President and First Lady of the United States as well as organizes and establishes security plans for all White House special events and weekly tours. He applies ana- lytic, diagnostic and qualitative research techniques in order to produce authoritative intelligence products and he trains junior officers on weapons, explosive and armed gunman detection related techniques.

Prior to the US Secret Service, he worked as a Government Relations Intern and later a Metro Tran- sit Police Officer, where he briefed senior officials on complex crime and law related issues, provided detailed information about potential threats that could cause harm to citizens in the Washington Metropolitan Area, and communicated with outside entities about cooperative outreach programs.

Specifically, Duane was a Special Operations Section Officer assigned to the White House, a Magne- tometer Advance Officer, and assisted in training the White Tour Guide and Historian.”

A Washington DC native, Duane and his wife Jasmin live in the Washington, DC area.

Source: Linkedin.com