MCNAA Give 1 Get 1 Campaign

$1 Million in 12 Months

Campaign Overview

When the seeds were planted for Morehouse College in 1867, it was the beginning of a movement that would change the landscape of America. Over the years, Morehouse has born fruit worthy of the efforts of its founders and its most prized gift to the world – its alumni. In a proactive move to provide sustaining financial support for Morehouse College, the Morehouse College National Alumni Association (MCNAA) will support the educational endeavors of the students and provide on-going support of alumni by contributing $1 million to The MCNAA fund.  This alumni appeal – known as The “Give 1 Get 1” Campaign – launches as the college and alumni association begins a new era in leadership. This new alumni administration will work with the college and its board. Also, all funds will be banked and administered by the MCNAA.  Fundraising will commence immediately and will be calculated in the 12 month period:  Oct 26, 2018 – Oct 26, 2019.

Program Objective

Every Morehouse Man will “GIVE” a one-time gift of $100 within the 12 months and “GET” another Morehouse Man to do the same!

Fundraising History

Nearly 40 years after the founding of the College, a group of graduates met to organize an alumni society. Today, the Association connects Morehouse alumni worldwide who gather together through community service projects, networking opportunities and leisure activities. The Association also funds scholarships and fellowships for outstanding Morehouse students and provides assistance to many campus programs. The MCNAA has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to sure up the lack of funds for our students. This year, the alumni raised upwards of $100,000 to provide funding for scholarships, books, housing assistants and study abroad funding for our students. Additionally, we provide funds to support programs on campus such as; Edwin Moses Track Restorations and Athletics. More than 2,000 Morehouse Alumni participated – with 30% of the members becoming first-time donors.  This new campaign is essential to provide sustainable funds for our student and alumni support programs.

Campaign Goals

With 12 months in-between the launch of the campaign, the association will first ask (1,000) Morehouse Alumni to do a kick start gift of $100 to begin the Campaign in July 2018. Moving forward, the ask will extend beyond the current financial membersleading up to June 2019.  You can start here:

To kick-off the fund drive, MCNAA officers will present a campaign check to MCNAA during  homecoming.

Where Will The Funds Go?

$500,000 Student Scholarships/Programs

Tuition, Books, Housing, Living Expenses, On-Campus Program

$200,000 MCNAA Endowment

MCNAA Operating Expenses

$200,000 Alumni Support Programs

Alumni Career Site, MCNAA App, Professional Development Symposium, Alumni B to B Connects, Leadership Development, webinar Series

$100,000 Presidents Innovation

Special Projects


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