Chapter Benefits

The Association now has the ability to assist chapters in publicizing and marketing their events to the alumni nationwide.  We have began electronic distribution of a monthly e-newsletter.  The newsletter can publicize your chapter’s events and directly link to your website.  Additionally, we can work with you to develop customized messaging and electronic membership campaigns to increase your local membership.

The Association has began to create a series of event templates and a library of possible fundraising events that will become available later this year to chapters upon request.   Additionally, we have identified consultants that your chapter can engage to assist with planning and implementing your events immediately.

New Chapter Check List

General Guidelines

  • Five or more alumni.
  • Membership list with good contact information.
  • Provide the amount local chapter dues.
  • National chapter dues …. $100.00 due at beginning of fiscal year 1 July-30 June ( no discount for late dues).
  • Ensure that all chapters officers are financial (Paid dues) (constitutional requirement) (no discount for late dues).
  • A monthly copy of the chapter bank statement if they are doing business as a MCAA associated chapter. I think that will satisfy IRS requirements if we list them in our 990. All associated MCAA chapters should be encouraged to open a bank account in chapter name and association name, example, Columbus, Georgia Chapter of MCNAA.
  • Encouragement for engagement, communication (two ways) and support for National membership.

Chapter Requirements

  • Not less than 5 graduates or former students within locality defined by bylaws.
  • Joined together to promote the interest and welfare of the College and the Alumni Association.
  • Promote the interest and welfare of the College and the Alumni Association in cooperation of the Regional District.
  • Adopt bylaws consistent with principles of the Alumni Association and may elect officers as desired.

Immediate Actions

  • Elect Officers.
  • Adopt bylaws.
  • Send names of officers to the National Alumni Association.
  • Obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from IRS.
  • Open a chapter bank account.
  • File Form 1023 for federal tax exemption under section 501 (c) (3).
  • Collect local & National dues.
  • Develop chapter roster with name, address, year.

Core Business

  • Financial Support to College.
  • Reclamation & Membership Drive.
  • Student Recruitment.
  • Community Service.

Business Strategies and Goals

  • Increase membership (National 2,500) & develop communication channels (Internet).
  • Fundraising (Identify new sources of revenues).
  • Develop Intermediate & Long-range Plan.
  • Develop Social & Cultural Affairs.
  • Strengthen relationships with Spelman College Alumnae Association in planning and execution of Alumni events.

Region Communication

  • Forward minutes & quarterly reports.
  • Forward chapter roster.
  • Exchange information.
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